Everything In The Dark Comes To The Light

by Dane Uno



All profits will be sent to the "Devin Jr & Peighton Fund" www.gofundme.com/devinandpeighton created for the children of Simone McKay, 26 years old, victim of gun violence, cowardly shot and killed in Chicago on 10/15/2017.

While most emcees can be easily typecast into the role of “gangsta rapper,” “conscious lyricist,” or “party motivator,” Dane Uno successfully defies any narrow-minded attempts at being pigeon-holed by releasing a 16 track opus that firmly establishes him as an artistic journeyman who refuses to be defined. “Everything In The Dark Comes To The Light” contains breath-taking lyricism & cinematic soundscapes that permeate the soul. It’s a sensory experience listeners won’t soon forget & an action-packed adventure you can’t find on any screen.

I was first introduced to the South Side Chicago spitter through his off the wall, cosmic collaborations with abstract rhyme architect, Kool Keith. Sure enough, the lyrical legend helps usher in the introductory track, “Forget About Me,” with superstar aplomb as Dane sets off the entire affair by delivering playful bars to complement Junkaz Lou’s irresistibly bouncy sonic backdrop. The dramatic cuts on this particular selection are pure insanity…an added reminder of the power players involved! “What You came Here For” serves up orchestral ambiance interwoven with boom bap leanings courtesy of Chris Prythm. It also provides a glimpse into our leading man’s origins by detailing crucial events that fueled his love for the genre. Next up is the Quis Star produced masterpiece, “Dog Day,” which features Sav Killz, Math Hoffa, and Kool Keith joining Dane for what can only be described as lyrical armageddon! The street banger smashes through the speakers with full intensity and never lets go! “Seen It All” then mellows out the scene with tightly structured rhymes & Junkaz Lou’s ethereal yet effective aural landscape. If anyone can provide a “Remedy” for the over-saturation of pop-oriented rap crap pervading the airwaves, it’s Pete Rock. On track #5, The Chocolate Boy Wonder
brilliantly bends the boards to his will…layering funky rhythms with precision cuts as Dane Uno performs verbal gymnastics that make your head spin. “Xtra Xtra” boasts slick rhymes that possess a spontaneous, improvisational vibe while the Leaf Dog laced “Faker Than Fake Money” inspires the lyricist to call out an unnamed rapper (“full of air like helium”…”Fools Gold”…hmm…Make your own assumptions)over a groove-laden gem that ends far too soon. “Chicago” & the Sah Dade produced “Gangs Unite” are two sides of the same coin. The former track conveys an upbeat vibe while the latter cut exposes a darker side of “The Windy City.” The futuristic “Soundwave” offers stellar production from Junkaz Lou to supplement Dane’s clever rhyme scheme while DJ Phonz The Architect’s expertly crafted “Flashback” delivers retro grooves that trigger instant nostalgia. “Requiem,” “Six Million,” “Light Jazz,” and “Brain Bang” round out the collection with wide-ranging musical styles and champion level bars before segueing into the superior bonus track - fan favorite “Hoodini” featuring Kool Keith.

“Everything In The Dark Comes To The Light” showcases Dane Uno at his finest. Give a big salute to the power of Hip Hop & the amazing artist who’s keeping it alive!

Kevin Keith (Co-Editor of Insomniac Magazine)
April 27, 2017.


released June 16, 2017

01. Forget About Me ft Kool Keith (Prod. Junkaz Lou)
02. What You Came Here For (Prod. Chris Prythm)
03. Dog Day ft. Kool Keith, Sav Killz & Math Hoffa (Prod. Quis Star)
04. Seen It All (Prod. Junkaz Lou)
05. Remedy (Prod. Pete Rock)
06. Xtra Xtra (Prod. Junkaz Lou)
07. Faker Than Fake Money (Prod. Leaf Dog)
08. Chicago (Prod. Junkaz Lou)
09. Gangs Unite (Prod. Sah Dade)
10. Soundwave (Prod. Junkaz Lou)
11. Flashback (Prod. DJ Phonz The Architect)
12. Requiem (Prod. Junkaz Lou)
13. Six Million (Prod. Junkaz Lou)
14. Light Jazz (Prod. Junkaz Lou)
15. Brain Bang (Prod. Junkaz Lou)
16. Bonus Track: Hoodini ft. Kool Keith (Prod. Junkaz Lou)

Executive Producers: Junkaz Lou & Nator for JUNKADELIC MUSIC.

Produced by Junkaz Lou for Junkadelic Music, Pete Rock, DJ Phonz The Architect, Quis Star, Leaf Dog, Sah Dade.

Sav Killz appears courtesy of All Elements Records.

Recorded in NYC by DJ J-Ronin @ All Elements Studio & Joe Hernandez @ Innovative Studios.
Mixed by Junkaz Lou @ Junkadelic Studio.
Mastering: Kasablanka (Paris)
Artwork: FUNC88 Graphics

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